Privacy Policy

Just as the Internet changes, our Privacy Statement may change from time to time. Changes will be posted here.

Information You Supply

When you use the web site, you may be asked questions about your vacation preferences and types of vacation activities that interest you. We maintain this information to send you e-mail offers and to let you know when vacations are available that fit your preferences. Member Information is not shared with third parties.

IP Address

Our web servers automatically collect limited information about your computer’s connection to the Internet, including your IP address, when you visit our web site. Your IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the Internet know where to send you data – such as web pages you view. Your IP address does not identify you personally. We use this information to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to tailor our site to the interests of our users and to measure traffic within our sites. IP addresses gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.


Like many other reputable companies, we use cookies to offer a more secure online experience for members who use our website. "Cookies" are a standard browser feature that allows us to assign each visitor a unique, random number, like a user ID, which resides on your computer. We also use cookies to analyze how our members use our websites and to measure the effectiveness of our online advertising and search results. This allows us to deliver more relevant messages on the Internet and your overall online experience.

This does not give us access to your computer or any personal information about you. It is possible to set your browser to inform you when a cookie is being placed. By accepting a cookie, keep in mind that your choice to decline e-mail offers remains unaffected.

Opting Out of Marketing Cookies

Our Internet marketing agencies participate in a self-regulation program through the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). The NAI administers a marketing cookie opt out program on behalf of these companies. You can choose to opt out of the use of third-party marketing cookies from WG Cruise & Travel Collection, its affiliates, and other companies through the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). However, if you choose to opt out, there are several things you should consider:

  • When you opt out, NAI will place an opt-out cookie on your computer.
  • The opt-out cookie prevents you from being tracked by participating advertisers.
  • Clearing your computer's cookies will delete the opt-out cookie and require that you opt out again.
  • The opt-out cookie is only effective on the computer and browser from which you've initiated an opt out.
  • If you use multiple browsers on the same computer, you’ll need to opt out from each browser that you use.

As an alternative to the NAI Opt Out, you can also change the way your browser manages third-party cookies. (Check your browser's Help menu for directions on how to do this.)


We use SSL encryption - the industry standard - to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers. All of your credit card information is kept on a secured server for maximum security. Your credit card and billing information is sent in an encrypted form and cannot be read over the Internet. Once we receive your credit card information, we store it on a server that is inaccessible from the Internet.

All credit card transactions are handled by a third-party financial institution, which receives the credit card number and other personal identifying information only to verify the credit card numbers and process transactions. You are welcome to call in your credit card information and complete your purchase by phone if you feel more comfortable doing so.

ARCO Rights

In accordance with the requirements of Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties, and recognizing the informative right of personal data auto determination, in the following sections we inform you of our compliance with this Law. Since the moment that you provide or make available to us any personal information, you are giving us, WG Cruise & Travel Collection, S. de R.L. de C. V. (WG Cruise & Travel Collection) with an address of 15501 N. Dial Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA all authority to handle them, unless you express any opposition in accordance with the procedure outlined below.

Personal data made available by you to WG Cruise & Travel Collection through email, fax, website or online services, fulfillment forms, telephone calls or any other means, could be used for the purposes of:

a. Required purposes for record keeping relationship with stakeholder´s data:

  • Identification, verification and contact.
  • Lodging rights and services rendering.
  • Tourist service rendering.
  • Contractual obligations compliance.
  • Changes on products and services.
  • Identify you in any kind of legal or business relationship with WG Cruise & Travel Collection or its affiliates.

b. Other purposes:

  • Inform you about present or future products and services that may be considered of interest.
  • Send useful advertisement, promotions and brochures.
  • Statistics and evaluation of service quality.

WG Cruise & Travel Collection has adopted technical, physical and reasonable security measures to assure that your personal information is safe, as well as restricted and limited only to the staff who, because of their duties, must have access to it. Consequently, we inform to you the following:

a. That this Privacy Notice includes and applies to all and any of your personal data that we may have access to, including among other things: name, nationality, birthdate and birthplace, age, address, telephone number, cell phone number, email, Tax identification number, hand written signature, as well as personal information that may be considered sensitive, related to recorded video or photographs, health condition, economic and financial data, including your type of banking account, bank institution and account number (the “Information”), all intended to provide a better service to satisfy your specific needs.

b. That the Information will solely be treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.

c. For the practice of Access, Recognition, Cancellation, and Opposition rights (ARCO Rights) stated in the Law, as well as the revealing, limiting or reversal approval of use rights; you will be able to: (i) submit a writing request with acknowledgment receipt from WG Cruise & Travel Collection or (ii) through certified mail, send your request to WG Cruise & Travel Collection´s Compliance Management, at the address 15501 N. Dial Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA. The request should include as minimum:

i. Stakeholder’s name.
ii. Stakeholder’s address.
iii. Documents that certified stakeholder’s personality or legal representation, as apply.
iv. Personal data description over ARCO rights exercise intended to be applied.
v. Any other data that allows WG Cruise & Travel Collection to locate your personal data and address and resolve your request.

d. That WG Cruise & Travel Collection will have 20 working days as a maximum time frame counted from the reception date of the request, to let you know if it is valid. In an affirmative case, WG Cruise & Travel Collection will have 15 working days to comply with the requested.

In accordance with the Law, for transactions occurring within the jurisdiction of Mexico, WG Cruise & Travel Collection will be able to make available the Information to its affiliated companies, government authorities, bank institutions or subcontracted third parties for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Notice may be modified without prior notice in order to comply with changes to the current legislation in Mexico, WG Cruise & Travel Collection’s internal policies and/or any other cause that WG Cruise & Travel Collection may consider necessary. Any changes or modifications to this Policy will appear on this site.